Interesting facts about Lebanon!

Being one of the most beautiful countries, this destination magnetizes visitors from every nook of the world. If you are also planning a trip to this country, you should know some facts about this place, which will make your trip more exciting. Situated on the eastern shores of the Mediterranean Sea, Lebanon is a small gorgeous country. The destination is very rich in history and history buffs love to visit Lebanon again and again. Well, apart from this, there are some other facts that you may not know. Let’s check out some unique facts about Lebanon. 

  • Lebanon is known as the Switzerland of the East.

During the 1960s, this country was well-renowned as the “Switzerland of the East.” it was due to the diversity and financial soundness. If you wish to explore this gem, opt for Frontier Airlines book a flight as various discounts are offered by the airline on its flight tickets. Book now and enjoy savings!

  • Lebanon doesn’t have any desert.

It is the only country in theMiddle East, which is not home to even a single desert. Many people get shocked by hearing this fact about the country. Arab neighboring countries own various sand dunes. 

  • Beirut is the largest city in Lebanon.

Beirut is one of the oldest cities in the world and it is the capital of the country.  Being the largest city of Lebanon, it draws the eyeballs of various tourists. This country was destroyed many times and it was rebuilt seven times. 

  • Lebanese food is very healthy.

The local food of the country consists of a healthy Mediterranean diet. Various fresh fruits and vegetables are included in the food. 

  • 18 religious communities survive in Lebanon.

Lebanon is home to 18 different religious communities and they live here peacefully. 

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