Real and Magical Disneyland destinations Across the Globe

If you are a loyal supporter of Disney like us, I hope you can embark on their storybook adventure in one day. From theme parks to movies, the name Disney is synonymous with magic-not to mention the creativity of its famous “Imaginer”. But the whimsical atmosphere surrounding the rat house does not come from anywhere. The visual influence behind classic animated movies and popular theme parks actually comes from charming castles and storybook towns in real life across the globe. So, keep reading and discover the destinations that inspired Disney’s famous fairy tales.

Your favorite Disney movies actually got inspiration from these places.

The Picturesque streets shown in  beauty and the Beast

At the beginning of the Disney classic Beauty and the Beast, Belle wandered the eccentric streets, hoping to go far away from the “quiet village” and begin a new adventure. If you don’t actually mind getting a flavor of the provincial life led by Belle, then pack your belongings and visit France. 

Riquewihr, close to the Swiss border, is a real town in real life that inspired the creation of Disney animators who worked on “Beauty and the Beast.” Strolling through the medieval streets, you will soon notice familiar details: at Belle’s fountain reading her favorite book, you will be able to buy all the lovely local products Belle would buy such as a French bakery.

Sleeping Beauty castle Neuschwanstein 

Like things in a fairy tale, this Bavarian castle from the 19th-century was built by King Ludwig II. A stage designer helped him to structure this castle rather than an architect. Today, this is an easy day trip from Munich. Very whimsical fantasy, it is easy to see why Neuschwanstein Castle is the inspiration for the “Sleeping Beauty” castle. If you are going to sleep for 100 years, it is best to stay fashionable too! Try making American Airlines Reservations and get good deals on airlines. This may be the last time you get to visit your wonderland.

The Big Island of Moana is actually Bora VBora

The animated feature film no 56 by Disney tells the story of Moana, a girl who ventured to save Polynesians and islands. The film was shot on the fictional island of Motunui about 2000 years ago, but the producers went to great lengths to ensure that the narrative details and visual effects of the film were as suitable as possible for the South Pacific region. The final design of the fictional Motunui will definitely imitate the majestic Otemanu Mountain of Bora Bora. This French Polynesian paradise can undoubtedly provide you with what you need, at least in terms of luxury.

Tangled at Mont Saint-Michel in France

The famous silhouette of Mont Saint-Michel is one of the most famous landmarks in France. Its history can be traced back to the 400s, as the constantly changing tides provide its buildings and monasteries with a perfect defense against enemies. Recently, in the 2010 movie “Tangled”, the silhouette of the island inspired Rapunzel’s hometown, Corona. If you are looking for a place to truly relax yourself, some of the most beautiful beaches in Normandy are nearby.

We browsed the Disney Film Archives, matching the fascinating fairy tales and legends with the real world. Check ahead with Delta Airlines Book a Flight and visit one of the above mentioned beautiful dreamland locations and enjoy yourself.