Types of ANA Travel Classes

Flying with ANA Airlines is an experience to remember. Not only do they make comfortable seating arrangements but they also take care of their customer’s safety. It is one of Japan’s largest airlines which is widely popular for its star-quality food, remarkable hospitality culture, five star cleanliness and other quality services.  

While making ANA reservations, passengers need to decide the type of flight class they would prefer. Talking of flight classes, ANA airline offers economy class seating, first-class seating,  and business-class seating based on seating options, cabin class offerings, and flight frequencies.  

Types of travel classes in ANA Airlines 

  1. First-class seating – ANA airlines have recently launched their brand new 777-300ER containing the widest first class seat and one of the world’s largest first class seats. Surprisingly, no money was invested in its marketing which makes it a great invention of first-class product. 

i) The class offers a spacious seating arrangement with more comfort and flexibility. 

ii) It is equipped with fully flat seats, a wide LCD screen and square shell seats.

  1. Business-class seating

i) There is a forward cabin between doors one and two with eight seats spreading across the row’s two numbers.

ii)  The main cabin of business-class seating comprises 40 seats spreading across 10 numbers of rows. Each seat in business class is 35 inches wide and 53 inches in pitch and 72 inches long in bed mode. 

  1. Economy class seating

i) The economy travel class of ANA airlines offers a spacious seating arrangement with a seat pitch of 34 inches and one extra legroom.

ii) Passengers can smoothly recline their seats with the seat fixed back shell design.   

Now that you know everything about the travel classes of ANA airlines, you can make advanced ANA reservations and be ready to witness the best traveling experience. 

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