Most veteran producers will have a back catalogue of sounds, songs, samples or tunes that they’ve made which are going nowhere, or serve no purpose to them directly, these songs are just sitting there essentially gathering digital dust on the digital shelf that’s your hard-drive.

Uploading these random (in your eyes useless or garbage) beats might easily net you a couple of hundred bucks or more per month.

Some of the websites I’ll mention during this article are going to be more suited towards corporate fields, while others are going to be more focused on selling compositions for profit to lyricists and other sorts of vocalists or producers.

  1. Corporate clients often have music prepared and should need sound effects, but in most cases, they’re going to presumably have a reference track that they’re going to provide to you as a suggestion for what they need you to supply .

2.Creative clients are more likely to be people that are solo vocalists, entrepreneurs, software developers or people that are performing on a way smaller scale than say companies like Google or Microsoft.

Either way, it’s important to remember of what kind of client base you’re trying to find from the beginning , and if you cover multiple bases, then great – get yourself a free account on websites and begin hustling.

Auction My Beats:

AUctionmybeats may be a MAJOR PLAYER within the SPACE and excellent FOR THOSE OF YOU LOOKING to create A SELF-MADE AUDIO BRAND within the CORPORATE WORLD.


Prices are set individually by you, the user. However, their “Music Library” fixes prices. This contains a variety of handpicked exclusive music by their staff.
They have a pricing policy that’s directly associated with the duration of the license for the audio production:

·$400 – for 1 year exclusive license
·$600 – for two year exclusive license
·$1000 – for five year exclusive license
·$2000 – for perpetual exclusive license
They offer producers 70% of the revenue from the tunes sold.

WHO IS Auction my beats?

Auction My Beats has been around for several years and is taken into account as one of the leading platforms for clients to source music and concepts for his or her more mainstream corporate and internal projects.

They are a network of 20,000 music producers, voice actors, sound designers and audio branding experts from 120+ countries.


The projects found on AuctionMyBeats are often for giant clients organizing events, or large tech or multimedia companies trying to source audio content for brand spanking new devices or platforms. They also house producers trying to find mastering engineers, vocalists trying to find producers.

AuctionMyBeats is heavily geared towards the commercial/corporate client sector.


With over 20 000 music producers, voice actors, sound designers, and audio branding experts from 120+ countries, AuctionMyBeats have an outsized and already-established community for you to sell beats online or license your beats on.

AuctionMyBeats also opens the gateway to monetize your skills in sound design, co-production, voice acting, and more. there’s money to be earned, but it’ll depend upon what proportion of work you set into getting verified in order that you’ll obtain contracts with bigger clients.