Date Ideas for a Romantic date in San Francisco

San Francisco allows outdoor dining, which makes dining in restaurants now almost everyone’s latest idea (especially because “drinking” is no longer allowed), but if you eat out every time you date,’not only bankrupt, you will have a hard time talking Society keeps its distance and must also comply with the time limits imposed by most restaurants, and you don’t seem to have more original date ideas. You totally did it! (Thanks for this handy list.) Don’t worry-all these dates are COVID-friendly, and following SF’s current instructions will almost certainly be fun.

Where to go and What to do on a date in San Francisco?

An afternoon in the food truck park and beer garden

San Francisco’s Spark Social responds to the changes of these times by outlining the “social evacuation circle” on the grass, implementing strict disinfection measures and allowing you to order in advance from food trucks and drinking pools, so you and your appointment do not have to wait in line Keep six feet away from everyone. There are at least 10 revolving food trucks every day. If you really want to make money, you can always sign up for one of the socially distant group fitness classes on the weekend.

Play mini golf on a course inspired by California history

Stagecoach Greens is the only outdoor miniature golf course in SF. It is open to golf enthusiasts. It provides pre-purchased tickets and scheduled tee times. It is a great opportunity to see how your appointment handles friendly matches, and you can also get all the information from it. Some new knowledge.. The  famous 18-hole “Prosperity and Depression” course will bring surprises at every turn, plus some cute selfie operations, so you will never forget the strange time when you wear a mask on a date. 

Roam around the botanical garden

The Botanical garden at the Golden gate park is 55 acres long and is home to more than 9,000 plants around the world, and there are many hidden corners, just in case you don’t want too much “P.” It also has many places to spread out, picnic in the sun or Take a break. If you and your date are residents of San Francisco, you can enter for free. Why don’t you try to make Spirit Airlines Booking to visit there with your partner and enjoy a fun date night.

Go Hiking

Do you know what is expensive? Did you know that dating is free? travel on foot. Thanks to the panoramic views from every corner, San Francisco turned sports into a romantic one. There are many great city hikes in SF, but you can not be mistaken with Lands End. Pack a picnic, enjoy a meal on the slightly hidden Mile Rock Beach, try to find an abandoned Octagon House, enjoy the views of the Golden Gate Bridge and Marin Headlands, walk the maze, and look for sunken ships Wreckage, explore Sutro Baths. Basically, this is like a hike and treasure hunt.

Stroll along Lover’s Lane

Presidio is full of city hikes and most of them are not so crowded. Start with one of them, and then, if things go, head to Lover’s Lane and do your best to hold the hand of the date. Ensure to take a tour and visit Wood Line installation by Andy Goldsworthy, and then end at the main postal parade where you can put a blanket on the blanket and enjoy the view of the bay. Choose American Airlines Book a Flight as your air travel partner and enjoy a fun date in San francisco.