Top Ways That Prove That Aussie Mining Has Already Gone Green

Green mining solutions in Australia are at the forefront of environmentally friendly and sustainable practices. Different industries are going green and everywhere you look, individuals and businesses alike are extolling the green lifestyle benefits and emphasizing sustainability, environmentally friendly practices and conservation. This is a good movement – since the resources extracted from the earth are finite and we only have one planet to depend on. It, therefore, makes sense to take care of it. Managing industrial projects and going green in an efficient and responsible manner are the same. If you are outside the mining industry, you might view green efforts as not to be the standard protocol of operation. It might surprise you to learn that the mining sector has already implemented some top-notch innovations in green practices and technology.

Methane capturing techniques

These techniques help in keeping one byproduct of methane gas, coal mining activities under control. Methane is useless to core operations and it can trigger dangerous explosions in mines if it is left unchecked. Instead of pushing methane out through the ventilation system of the mine as it was once the standard procedure, there are systems that pull the gas from the mine using a powerful fan then sends it through a heated ceramic which then oxidizes the gas and turns it into CO2 and water vapor than is safe to be released into the atmosphere.

Mining programs with zero discharge water

These programs take the wastewater provided by mining and make it reusable. This aims to bring the ratio of water recovered to water disposed to zero. These green mining solutions eliminate the need for expensive disposal processes but also keeps the net water usage of the project at an efficient level. Crystallization and vacuum evaporation methods are the two main common practices that aim to use net-zero discharge in mining operations.

Energy efficiency efforts

One common technique used across the mining industry is streamlining the consumption of energy, using less and using it efficiently. Miners in countries like Canada are striving to make their mining operations more efficient in terms of energy output on various levels. Vehicles used in mines are powered by diesel fuel that is clean. In some cases, alternative sources of energy are used to power the vehicles. Similarly, hybrid sources of power such as hydrogen fuel cell batteries and diesel rechargeable batteries are the most practical and advanced sources of power for mining vehicles.


Reclamation is being used at old mines. They are reseeded with natural plants as one of the final stages of the process after the topsoil has been replaced.

Dust control and green products

Mine operators turn to green mining solutions Australia to control the dust and other impurities kicked up as a mining activities byproduct. This results from both heavy truck traffic and core operations to and from the site. Dust can be a hazard in terms of productiveness and worker safety, relationship with the surrounding communities and operational efficiency. It is worth noting that the products used to control dust should conform to green working standards and regulations.