Top 8 Applications for College Students to Boost Productivity

Modern students have easy access to limitless knowledge because of the internet. You live in a world where the students don’t have to spend hours inside a library to find a small piece of information. The right set of Smartphone applications for college students can help them significantly increase their productivity.

However, it is not easy to find useful applications from thousands of results from a simple search. Again, the internet is the ideal place to research and find apps to boost productivity. You can create notes, research published documents, access files, and efficiently perform numerous other tasks.

Can I Afford the Productivity Apps for Students?

Students live on a very limited budget that makes the investment in some application unreasonable. You can put the money to better use, such as early repayment of the student loan. For productivity applications, there is always a free alternative available in the market.

The developers will display ads in the application to make money from its use. However, the investment in these apps and Smartphone will help you improve your academic performance. You should try the bad credit loans in Ireland to reduce the stress of combined payments on your savings.

Applications to Boost Productivity for College Students

The app stores are filled with applications to serve a simple purpose along with some intuitive features. You need a reliable, secure, and easy-to-use solution from the thousands of available options. Here is the list of top 8 applications to boost productivity for college students with plenty of useful features.

  1. Google Drive

Google Drive is the cloud-based storage service from the tech giant to its users for free. You can access the files from any device and any location as long as you have access. It is safe, reliable, and fast to store important files or collaboration on a project.

However, Google has put some limitations on the free use of the application. Only 15 GB of storage is available that is shared across different apps if you don’t want to pay them. The limit is enough for the majority of the college students that work on PowerPoint and Word.

  1. OneNote

The pen and paper will remain as the choice of the majority to take notes. However, it is not an efficient solution as the students need to carry those notes every day to the classes. You can lose them, or the notebook may get full after months of writing in it.

Therefore, you need a modern solution to write, access, and share notes. OneNote from Microsoft is a simple solution with numerous useful features such as audio recording, colour coding, search bar, and to-do lists. It is available free on the app stores.

  1. Clockify

Productivity is the outcome of effective time management from the individual. You cannot expect to outperform the other students if a huge portion of your day is wasted on procrastination. Applications such as Clockify will help you keep track of your time to manage it efficiently.

You can turn on the automatic time tracking to prevent the application from disrupting your workflow. You can use the Pomodoro timer feature to break down the sessions with small intervals. It will help you stay focused on the task instead of burning out the mental energy.

  1. EssayOnTime

Your academics will test your knowledge and writing skills with assignments, term paper, and other tasks. You can take their help if you are stuck with an impossible to manage deadline. The EssayOnTime helps the users with statistics, dissertation, and assignments on any topic.

They also have a grammar checker, plagiarism checker, and reference generator to ease the task. You can ask their professionals to proofread and edit documents before their submission. Even after its popularity, the service is provided through their website, not an application.

  1. MS Office

MS Office is a suite of productivity tools that includes some of the most popular apps in the world. MS Word, PowerPoint, Excel, and Publisher are all part of this extensive suit. These applications are available for smartphones to read, edit, and save files.

Though, there are many alternatives available for the same purpose in the app stores with a smaller size. The Microsoft ecosystem is favoured because of the support and popularity among professionals. You might be looking for a doorstep loan to get the subscription of desktop versions as the smartphone apps are free for users.

  1. PomoDorio

As mentioned above, Pomodoro is an effective technique to improve productivity while retaining focus. You need to divide the task into small subtasks with time allocated to each. The focus should remain on the subtask during the allocated time.

Once the task is finished, you can take small breaks to refresh your mind. It should start with 5 minutes and increase with every task in the schedule. You should try PomoDorio if you want a small and simple application to boost productivity.

  1. StayFocused

The biggest roadblock in the path to achieving maximum productivity is the distractions from other applications in your smartphone. You end up on Facebook or YouTube within a few minutes of your study marathon. StayFocus is an application that will help you cut distractions.

You can set the limit to use these applications to save time. It will then block the apps and their notifications once you consume the set time limit. Thus, the distractions are eliminated that seemed impossible earlier because of the numerous applications responsible for it.

  1. Quizlet

Students should test their brain with quizzes, questions, and unknown facts to increase their knowledge. With Quizlet, you can test your knowledge to prepare yourself for the exams any time of the day. It features many useful features to make learning simple and fun.

You can create flashcards and other resources to boost your memorisation skills. It has an intuitive Learn mode to help the users get ready for the test day. You can get the material correctly pronounced with the help of Quizlet in 18 different languages.


To sum up, you should use technology to increase your productivity in schools or colleges. There are endless distractions in the world that can cause serious wastage of time for the students. In a competitive world with limited opportunities, the efficient use of available resources that includes time should remain your priority.