Tweezer Types and Professional Tweezers Set

Tweezers are of various types. You see them in different shapes and forms. Plus, you may also use tweezers to pluck unwanted hairs. Different types of tweezers have their pros and cons. You can purchase perfect tweezers set to meet your grooming needs if you comprehend tweezer types. Some women use tweezers for shaping eyebrows, whereas some women use them to remove stubborn ingrown hairs. Moreover, there are multipurpose tweezers that people can use in varying situations. Generally, tweezers are of four types that we are going to tell you about. It will also help you choose the right tweezers and deploy them purposefully.

Main Tweezer Types

Common tweezer types are mentioned below:

Flat Tweezers:

Flat tweezers are classic tweezers for tweezing coarse hairs. These tweezers have a flat edge that lets users pull on hairs straight from above conveniently with tweezing. Yet, it’s not easy to control these tweezers because they lack precision. The following are purposes for which you may use these tweezers:

Pulling Out Coarse Hairs:

You can pull out coarse hairs successfully with these tweezers, especially hairs that grow straight out. You can hold these tweezers the best at a perpendicular angle to the skin. Ultra-resistant chin hairs don’t stand a chance against flat tweezers.

Grabbing Splinters:

You may also use flat tweezers for grabbing splinters. You will need to depend on your full power to grab whatever sticks when using them for grabbing. You can also count on these tweezers for false eyelash applications.

Tweezing Eyebrows:

Flat tweezers are excellent tweezers for tweezing eyebrows because they provide maximum hair-grabbing abilities. You can count on these tweezers, specifically for bushy eyebrows.

Slanted Tweezers:

Slanted tweezers are a must-have in a beauty lovers’ kit. They are excellent tweezers for shaping eyebrows, and they are useful for other purposes, too. Slanted tweezers have a flat edge with tips on a slight angle that makes them convenient to use in specific situations. You may use slanted tweezers for the following purposes:

Shaping Eyebrows:

Slanted tweezers are ideal for shaping eyebrows. They have the same length as flat tweezers. Thus, you can count on these tweezers to remove multiple hairs at once. Additionally, slanted tweezers have one end that is a bit pointed that adds to their versatility. You can pull out a lot of hairs at once due to the precision they have.

Removing Splinters or Applying False Eyelashes: You can also use slanted tweezers for other purposes, as well, in addition to shaping the eyebrows. For example, you can use slanted tweezers for removing splinters or applying false eyelashes. When you invest in tweezers set as per your needs, make sure you get your hands on stainless steel tweezers.

Pointed Tweezers:

Pointed tweezers have another name, as well, that is, precision tweezers. These tweezers have an ultra-sharp tip to grab each hair individually. Therefore, they have earned another name for a good reason. Pointed tweezers may look scary owing to their sharp tips. Plus, you should keep these tweezers away from children. Both beauticians and medical specialists count on these tweezers for a purpose. Here are ways you may use pointed tweezers:

Refined Eyebrow Tweezing:

These tweezers are excellent for any type of precision work. You can depend on these tweezers to extract something that may bury deep in the skin. Pointed tweezers can pull a single hair at a time; thus, they are excellent tweezers for refined eyebrow tweezing.

Extracting Ingrown Hairs:

You can also use pointed tweezers to pull out ingrown hairs. Pointed tweezers are splendid at grabbing short hairs that other tweezers won’t pull out.

Pulling Out a Splinter:

You may keep these tweezers in your first aid kid because they can pull out splinters with ease.

Applying False Eyelashes or Eyelash Extensions: You can also apply false eyelashes or eyelash extensions via pointed tweezers.

Pointed Slant Tweezers:

Pointed slant tweezers have an edge on a steep angle, in contrast to regular slant tweezers. It results in a slightly different grip that can prove more ergonomic in some applications. Besides, they have a sharper tip to provide some benefits of a pointed tweezer. You may use these tweezers in a situation, such as traveling. You can pull out ingrown hairs and splinters via their pointed tips. Or, you may use them for eyebrow grooming if you have mobility issues. Yet, pointed slant tweezers aren’t the most comfortable tweezers to use despite their 2-in-1 advantage.


  • Tweezers are of different types, and the most common types of tweezers are as follows:
  • Flat tweezers that you can count on for pulling out coarse hairs.
  • Slanted tweezers, ideal tweezers for shaping the eyebrows.
  • Pointed tweezers, precision tweezers that both beauticians and medical professionals use.
  • Lastly, pointed slant tweezers with a 2-in-1 advantage, yet not the most comfortable tweezers to use.

Lastly, you must invest in professional tweezers set keeping tweezer types and your needs in mind.